Friday, September 2, 2011


you are just man who are never satisfied with your life... you are just sweet in words..such a are a make me feel like an animal..damm idiot!!!!seriously you are pathetic!!!!you are someone who will never appreciated someone's sacrifice!!!!!!!just finish!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The LOVE Letter

  I thought you're not receive my letter i don't get any feedback from you.. I thought the postman have sent the letter to the wrong adresses..That is what makes me worry to think's been a week i've lost you.I don't know what,where and why!!! Today, i've try to reach you, and you've answer my call, thats good enough fr me.. but sorry.. i put it down cz i'm scared i'll be cryn' when i'm talking to you..sorry.. 

  And about 20minutes ago i guess, he updated something which makes me feel relieve and glad.. Well at least he feel somethg than none aite... It's hard to make a decision being with you.. cz you are someone who's hard to predict that i can't do or act somethg based on lust or emotion.. I'm still waiting as long i'm using my mind to think positively.. I trust you,i trust you well.. I'm sure you are not did somethg bad behind me.. MARK my words Bienjie.. I TRUST YOU sayang .. I LOVE YOU.. 


Friday, August 26, 2011


   Lately i've been thinking about what i can do.. I've been stressing to fall back in love with you.. I'm so sorry that i couldn't follow through..but i can't go on this way,i've gotta stop it babe!!You've been wonderfull in all that you can be..but it hurts me when you say that you understand me..So believe me, i'm sorry..I am sorry >.<

  I wanted you to be there when i fall,I wanted you to see me through it all,I wanted you to be the one i love,I wanted you to hold me in my sleep,I wanted you to show me what i need,I wanted you to know how down deep i wanted you..
I've been pushing hard to open up the door trying to take us back to where we were before..but i'm done! I just can't do this we can't be mended, so let's stop this pretending now.We've been walking around in circles for some time,and i think we should head for the finish line..So believe me, I,I am sorry..I'm sorry.

I'm sorry baby,but i...i gotta pack up and leave!... But i...i'll always remember how we came closed to being how i wanted to be..I wanted you baby..i wanted you...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where The Hell You Gone??

I don't know where the hell he gone..Me text and tryin' to reach him since 20 August 2011 till today,but still no answer..How can i stay calm?? I miss you so much.. I'm still and keep waiting fr your call and text.. Sometimes i think i am a bad companion to be with.. You know how lonely i am without you.. Whenever i'm going out , i saw a boy and a girl were sitting next together,they laughing,they smiling to each other,they were kiss on cheek.. DAMM , i got jealous seriously jealous.. I've been thinking when i can have all that.. Yah maybe not fr now cz i'm still young and i don't give a damm!!! But you, i don't think you are tryin' to love me well..and you are not tryin' to gave me your love.. But i don't care cz i know my heart is addicted to you and i'll be waitg and patient of what we've been trough.. You're gone along with my bestfriend and my friend...Where are you?Where are you? I think i should let you go..

She's Wonderfull

  I thank her for accept me for who i am..For always give me strenght to live up my life, advicing me without met BORE, She kept telling me for never give up ,never surrender.. Well ,i think she's the best teacher... Everything that happens in her life effects me too which its teach me how to live up mylife in the future with new people and how to manage a relationship... The way she think, i can absolutely  absorb... Well some people would think bad about her , but that is their right but also it was a mistake for did that..because they are judging by looking appearance which is not the best way.. And i'm glad that i can get to know how she is and her heart well :)

These some from her for me :))

She makes me smile :)

Thank you Jaja <3<3
I can no other answer make,but...

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is LIFE.

Life defines in Metabolism,
In reproduction,
we make our miniature selves,
our look alike
In the power of adaptation,
like what is in now,
What is fashionable,
how I blend with all of you
How I mimic you,
how I become a clown to you,

Life in being nice
This is my life A short and a merry one
This my life In the middle of my own life
To life,
a life,
in the hope of discovering the meaning of my life,
My speech my poetry
Come to life with me
To the life,
for the life of one like me,
Not taking this life in my own hands,
To life,
this is life
As big as life
as large as life is large
In resiliency,
in elasticity
Animations, cartooning, animate,
I vivify
I vilify
I quicken
I liken
The life force in my life’s functions
Drawn from life
to life drawn
Dream to life a life full of dreams
This liveliness, this sparkle
This effervescence of life,
this bubbling life like wine
This sprightliness like soft
Drink like energy drinks
This verve,
this vigor
this vivacity
Of life to life as big as life
My life
This is my life
This me I am life
I am energy
i am in this poem trying to run
away from everything in my life,
running in life
to life and life,
because of life,
for life. 

hehee..For Fun