Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She's Wonderfull

  I thank her for accept me for who i am..For always give me strenght to live up my life, advicing me without met BORE, She kept telling me for never give up ,never surrender.. Well ,i think she's the best teacher... Everything that happens in her life effects me too which its teach me how to live up mylife in the future with new people and how to manage a relationship... The way she think, i can absolutely  absorb... Well some people would think bad about her , but that is their right but also it was a mistake for did that..because they are judging by looking appearance which is not the best way.. And i'm glad that i can get to know how she is and her heart well :)

These some from her for me :))

She makes me smile :)

Thank you Jaja <3<3
I can no other answer make,but...

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