Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where The Hell You Gone??

I don't know where the hell he gone..Me text and tryin' to reach him since 20 August 2011 till today,but still no answer..How can i stay calm?? I miss you so much.. I'm still and keep waiting fr your call and text.. Sometimes i think i am a bad companion to be with.. You know how lonely i am without you.. Whenever i'm going out , i saw a boy and a girl were sitting next together,they laughing,they smiling to each other,they were kiss on cheek.. DAMM , i got jealous seriously jealous.. I've been thinking when i can have all that.. Yah maybe not fr now cz i'm still young and i don't give a damm!!! But you, i don't think you are tryin' to love me well..and you are not tryin' to gave me your love.. But i don't care cz i know my heart is addicted to you and i'll be waitg and patient of what we've been trough.. You're gone along with my bestfriend and my friend...Where are you?Where are you? I think i should let you go..

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