Tuesday, February 15, 2011


               WHO AM I ??

       The day i were born,i began a learning process that will continue for the rest of my life.
I were , from the beginning ,molded by my surroundings,parents,relatives,playmates,by all the general attitudes,ideas,and beliefs i came in contact with.. Each new year of life added to my past,changing the way i viewed  every new day, influencing how i reacted to everything from the simplest daily routines to complex events touching me,my family , and the world i lived in..

       As i grew older, i interacted with people from different backgrounds with differing ideas about life..Faced with new ideas , i may have defended my beliefs, or i may have completely abandoned my past. However,like most people,i probably belong to that vast river of humanity which lives each moment in the easiest,most pleasant way possible.If so,i were and a more or less able to blend ideas,feelings,philosophies,desires,and realities to justify what you want to do.

    Along with the majority of people,i were and are good at sending questions and ideas about the meaning of life and death, as well as thoughts and feelings about what is good and right,deep into the cloudy regions of my mind. Wether we realize it or not,most of us are voluntary prisoners of our minds,unwilling to question who we are and what we belive,happy to simply roll along trough life.Most of us will live from birth to death in a world we have fashioned from our past to suit our present.Few of us will ever stand free from our present beliefs and daily lives to ask what is live about??Who am i ?? What should i do?? What will i do?? If there is meaning to life,and a reason for living,these questions must be answered.. 

  If there is a true meaning to life,nothing that i do,say,or think will change that truth.What good is it to live my life believing what am i doing is right if i beliefs  are false and what am i doing is wrong?It is an understanding of life that we seek,a search for something in life worth living for.
  If you are to find  the meaning of life you must be willing to recognize it if and when you see it.To do so requires you to open your mind and accept whatever you discover,even if it is totally opposite to your experiences,beliefs and wishes.Since our discussion deals with the purpose of life,if what we are saying is true,your willingness to understand is a willingness to grasp the very reason for your living.If the answers you find are different from those you have molded for yourself,you must decide wether to continue on the path you are on,or go another way on a new path toward a new destination.


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