Thursday, February 3, 2011

What The Hell!!!!!!!!

suriously,this movie storyline is unpredictable and tight to ensure the authenticity...i felt chafe for watched this movie..but nasib baik RM8 je cz i'm watched it on Wednesday..hahahaahahaha...The 1st Paranormal Activity is more better than this for me i guess...sometimes i've been wondering either they just act or it trutly happens..but it's hard for me to figure out!!haha...rasa mcm nk tidoo pun ada gak tunggu the suspens part on this movie,walawayhh bosannn!!!The ending part was over confused laa...tiba2 je si kakak dy pulak yg killed both of them,haaa??i mean seriously..nahh gua betol2 xfaham..and i don't want to grab any chances to understand this movie..malasssssss..hahaha...menyesal aku xdengar ckp kwn aku nk tgok crita Khurafat...hahah sory Cha,Wany,Ryda for those who have itention to watch this movie,tgok kt rumah jelaa beli CD..pirates more's legal for this movie..hahahahaahahhaahhaahahahah..

P/S : Hey Movie,you are wasting my money!!!BULLSHIT!!!!hahahahaah

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