Friday, February 4, 2011


do you want me to throw that???do you want me to feeling so??is it???so where are you?
i've throw mine already,but you??still on you right.. enough for me to think about that..actualy.i don't want to waste mytime for thinking something that is not important for me to think!!! but i set something in my mind that never let someone hurt because of me!!but......i will let someone hurt me even i never ask them to do so..hahahah WTF of me!! i've never giving him any reason that unacceptable..but him?? nahh too much maa..sometimes i can tell you that you are an IDIOT.. sorry to say but i have to.. im not saying that i don't love you but, you have to know that im still young..there's lot more i want to reach in my life..would you give some reason for me to accept make me waiting for you like im an idiot!!! NO !! i will not let you do that,i will not let anyone fool me around!!! FUCK UP for those who have any itention and so do you!!! but for your information,actualy i've put my hope on you!! i hope i can stay longer than other's with you..i've  throw my EMOTION slowly just because of you..but the things is,you're the one who SHOW OFF with your FUCKING DUMBY EMOTION !!

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